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Hen Pagliari: Hen is an extraordinary BBQ chef and an excellent host!  Reserved in advance, Hen will host you at his home for a tailored outdoor cook-out, which will include a variety of meat types and cuts.  A carnivore's dream!  Call to schedule in advance: +972 53-720-4183

Gili Soffer lives just two houses down the street from us, so finding him should be easy.  He offers tailored desert tours, which could include outdoor cookouts - either vegetarian or meat.  Call or email for more information to or to make reservations: +972 52-231-4137 or

Medurat Hashevet: Not your routine restaurant!  This is a private house that operates as a Farm with a garage winery. The owners Deganit and Eli host at their home culinary gatherings with fascinating guests from Israel and all over the world. During the meetings, the guests experience Various types of smoked and griled meat and a variety of unique dishes, as well as fine wine from their winery.  Gatherings are accompanied by a workshop explanation about the dishes and wine served.  Call Eli - +972 50-422-4777 or email to make advance reservations.

AnnaMaja: Serving vegan and vegetarian homemade food at private home - advance reservations required.  A diverse menu that constantly changes, covering breakfast and dinner.  For more information to to make reservations contact Adva at +972 54-582-1483 or

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