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Let us help you build your custom trip

Arad and the region have so much to offer, but without knowing the area you might miss out on some great stuff.  Also, some places are closed on weekends and there's no public transportation starting Friday afternoon through Saturday night. 

No worries - we're here to help!  Let's make sure you get the most out of your visit!  We'll help you plan the perfect trip, tailored to your own preferences.

Here are some of the great things Arad and the region have to offer:

  • Walking tours in and around Arad

  • Small-town restaurants in Arad

  • Bars, breweries and wineries

  • Art studios and cafe's

  • Dead Sea products

  • Large supermarkets and modern stores

  • An annual music festival

  • Special culinary experiences at private homes or in the desert

  • Private chefs

  • Tailored car tours in the desert

  • Ancient sites (Tel Arad, Masada and others)

  • Bedouin towns and experiences

  • Hot air baloon tours

  • Polaris Razor desert tours

  • Desert hikes in mountains and both wet and dry streams

  • International cuisine (primarily in Beer-Sheva)

  • Dead Sea beaches and spa

  • Botanical garden (Ein Gedi)

  • And much more....

We're happy to build an itinerary that accounts for your own style and preferences.

Contact us today to receive a customized offer.   

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